Welcome to The Platform Guy, my name is Mark, I have been building swim platforms for 15 years, focusing on Correct Craft Boats, but I am expanding my business to other ski boats.  
All of my platforms are built using Jatoba, West systems expoxy, and stainless steel screws.  I switched from Teak to Jatoba about 12 years ago due to the rising cost of Teak.   

Jatoba Wood

Jatoba is native to South America.  It works very well for swim platforms due to its ability to resist rot. Jatoba’s color and grain is very similar to Teak and is often mistaken for Teak.  The color is an attractive burgundy, deep read, or orange tone.  Jatoba is more dense than Teak and often outlasts teak when used for the ski boat swim platforms.  Jatoba is also used because it is more cost effective.

Close-up view of Jatoba wood grain from my last platform

Correct Craft Platform

West System® Epoxy

The platforms are fabricated using west systems epoxy and stainless steel screws.  West systems is used because it was designed by the Gougan brothers for wooden boat building.